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Two Car Garage

I’ve been working on a two car garage as a companion to the three bedroom ranch house plan.  It’s a detached garage with covered breezeway because I like the idea of separating the garage from the main house.  It not only gives you more texture and interesting space between buildings, but it also removes that garage door as the front door thing from the equation.

Another benefit of separation is that performance is improved when you don’t have to worry about air-sealing the wall between garage and house.  Cars are stinky things and can negatively affect indoor air quality.  A detached garage eliminates any concern about nasty fumes sneaking into the house via a missed and unsealed crack.

This garage has a simple palette of two materials; the roof is metal and the walls have a pop out that is clad in metal which complements the walls that are clad with wood or fiber cement siding.   This palette is designed to work with the three bedroom ranch house, but it could also be interesting as a masonry and metal combination.  Hmmm.

​The garage should be ready shortly and by saying so here in public, I’m giving myself a deadline!  Yikes!  I both hate and love deadlines.  Don’t you?

If you have thoughts or suggestions about the garage, just let me know in the comments below.​