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Small Houses

Small is the new normal for houses. The recession was a big reset for the housing market, causing people to be more vigilant about real estate value. We learned that higher priced homes are actually not affordable for most people.  Turns out the best way to find an affordable home of good quality is to look at smaller homes.

Small houses are easier to clean.

I mean really, who wants to spend all weekend cleaning their house?  Less space means less time spent mopping, dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing.  Also, lack of space for stuff can also mean less clutter.


If you are moving into a small home from a larger one, you really have to spend some time thinking about what is of value to you and what isn’t. It might be hard at first, imagining your life without all the things that you’ve become accustomed to, but living with less can be a rather freeing experience. You learn what works and what doesn’t and you only spend time on the things that  work.

Small Lots

In many cities large lots are either expensive or not available. Smaller homes have a nice way of fitting on those weird little lots. A lot that is always overlooked because it is small or oddly shaped might be just perfect for you, especially if it has great views and is within walking distance of the things you love.


Small houses aren’t as attractive to thieves. Maybe it’s because it’s obvious that you can’t fit too many large screen TV’s into your house.

Family Time

With fewer TV’s and physical proximity to each other, it’s likely that your family may develop a closeness that you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. Parents may also appreciate knowing what the kids are doing and knowing where they are.


It’s possible to pack more quality into a smaller home. Covering every square inch of a big kitchen with granite and tile is a lot more expensive and difficult than doing the same thing in a smaller kitchen. Same holds true for all the other rooms.

I encourage you to consider building the smallest house that will work for you. There really isn’t a reason to build big if you don’t need it. A big house may impress the neighbors, but the question worth asking is do you really need all of that space and what is it going to cost you in terms of time, money and quality of life? Building a home is a huge endeavor, the more thought you can put into it up front, the happier you will be in the end.