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Keep It Simple…

Keep it Simple Stupid, better known as the KISS principle is a design approach that favors simplicity and avoids complexity. The origin of the KISS principle is credited to the Navy and has been around since the 60′s. There are other design axioms, such as “less is more”, but I think KISS is a useful kick in the pants when it comes to remembering to just keep it simple. Modern house plans designed with the KISS principle in mind are easier to build, more affordable and hopefully more beautiful.

Buildings are expensive and not surprisingly, the more complex they are the more expensive they are. It is actually easier to design a crazy complicated building than it is to design something simple, elegant and beautiful. Simplicity requires sifting through conflicting and intersecting ideas, but when done well the results are stunning.

It’s true that the more corners and gewgaws there are in a building the trickier it is to build. Don’t let that stop you from loving corners or even gewgaws, but as a general rule, house plans that have the kinks worked out and have less complicated joints are easier to build.

Some of my favorite buildings are deadly simple, but they play with things like light and shadow to create interesting and beautiful buildings.

Buildings are not like fashion or style, they aren’t disposable and they need to endure through their long life. If you build well, that means 100 years or more. It’s a long time and ideally your home doesn’t become dated by the “style”, but rather it endures because it is appealing in it’s own right. Simple and thoughtfully designed buildings pass the test of time.

If you are looking for modern house plans (coming soon), I encourage you to think about how the house will fit into your community, look at whether it functionally meets your needs and pocketbook, and see if it is designed with your climate in mind.

Building a home is a big commitment of time and money. Best if you spend time up front to find a plan that meets your needs and will last the test of time.