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How Much Should I Spend On Appliances?

Building a new home usually means buying new appliances.  An appliance package might include a Refrigerator, Cooktop, Oven(s), Microwave, Dishwasher and Washer/Dryer.

Just like any product, various quality levels are available.   With increasing quality and features usually comes increased cost.  Would you be surprised to learn that you can spend as much on appliances as you would on a small car?

We recently went through the process of purchasing a new built in oven, induction cooktop and a new dishwasher.  We didn’t get into new car territory, but I was just a little stunned when I realized how much my appliance selection was going to cost.  I knew that an induction cooktop and separate oven cost more than a stove with the same features, I just didn’t fully appreciate it until it came to my own pocketbook.

We ended up with a fair deal, but only after some thorough price comparison.  To keep things in budget we spent money on the cooking appliances and went with fewer features on the dishwasher.  All in all, I’m quite happy and at ease with the money we spent.

It’s so easy to have appliance envy and end up with something that is out of your league or doesn’t suit your needs.  I think it makes sense to be clear about the must haves as well as clear on the negotiable items.

My suggestions for must have appliances in a high performance home (or any home) are listed below.  These are appliances that will save you money in the long run or in the case of the range hood contribute to better indoor air quality.

Features, colors, style, and warranties are negotiable.  But don’t get ‘ugly’. Ugly has a way of getting replaced sooner rather than later and is ultimately a bad investment.  

This may sound heretical, especially if you are devoted to gas cooking, but consider buying all electric appliances.  If you are interested to know why I would suggest this, check out my article on why I think all electric homes are the wave of the future.

What does it cost?

Range of Costs For Appliances


Induction Cooktop $1,400 – $2,600

Wall Oven Single $1,300 – $5,300

Wall Oven Double $2,400 – $8,000

Slide in Range $3,100 – $5,300

Range Hood $500 – $1,000

Dishwasher $400 – $4,000

Refrigerator  $1,000 – $10,000

Clothes Washing

Front Loading Washer $700 – $1,800

Heat Pump Dryer $1,400


Low $7,100

High $28,800

Costs are for electric appliances.  Stainless steel selected as finish for kitchen appliances.  Ovens are convection and self cleaning.  Range hood is 300 cfm.  Slide in range is combo induction/convection + self cleaning.  

Costs can be all over the map and there isn’t a magic budget number.  It really depends on the features that are most important to you.  Consider that you will be living with the appliance for a long time if all goes well.  Think about features that might be important in the future, for example, a delay timer on the dishwasher and washing machine that allows you to run them in the afternoon when the sun is out could be a great feature if you have a solar hot water heater or plan on one in the future.

Good luck with your appliance hunt.  A great resource for efficient appliances is the energy star website.  Check it out and happy hunting!​

Question:  Are you looking to buy an appliance package?  If so, what are the best deals that you have found?  Leave a comment below.​