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Houston’s Home Design Trends With Property Sales

Houston's Home Design Trends

Home design trends come and go, and over time there are new combinations made with older styles as well as new trends.

The challenge, though, is knowing when to use the right architectural design with the right interior trends, and doing that within the right context.

Take Houston, for example. With a city so large, there are huge differences in resident wealth and cultures, which influence how the homes are designed and built.

And then we’ve got situations like deteriorating homes, floods, or other things that cause damage to homes and they need to be restored or remodeled to get back to inhabitable status while also being up to date.

So, here are three different, yet common, situations that occur in this city, which is a grand example of what other areas of the country experience in different scale.

New Development Homes

Because the city continues to grow, there is a constant need for growth.

New development areas are continuously being planned, and master plans include everything needed for entire communities.

What happens in a master plan like that is the developer often has a set of home plans that are basically pre-defined, and homeowners have the option to take them and customize them a little bit.

The current trend with new development master plans are brick homes that are often 1-2 stories, with a detached garage which may include an additional room on top.

There are probably 20-30 variations of these plans, giving options to use things like grey, red, or beige colored brick, giving it a very southern Texas look and feel.

The advantage is that these new development homes often have what a neighborhood needs for long-lasting value, with home values generally increasing year over year, while giving homeowners lots of customization options for homes that they feel comfortable with at an affordable price.

The downside is that they aren’t going to be custom homes, which may or may not be a problem — custom homes are usually made in development areas that go for $500,000 or higher.

Styles That Are Used In Restoration

After Hurricane Harvey, a lot of real estate investors started buying up properties that were flooded, because these homes were uninhabitable and the homeowners were stuck with a home and mortgage that they could no longer afford.

According to Express Houston Home Buyer, Investors generally try to buy low, spend as little as they can to meet a threshold for the repairs, and sell high.

With such a large number of homes affected, many of them had very similar styles.

White exterior paint with stock cabinets and tile or laminate flooring, carpets in the bedrooms, and in some cases, replacement windows.

Basically, everything was purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s that were standard stock materials, so a lot of these homes ended up having the same design, structure, and color scheme.

This was fine because the homes were often valued in the $150,000 – $200,000 range, so families in the appropriate income levels were able to purchase them and make modifications where needed.

But because of the sheer number of homes that went through floods that had been renovated in this fashion, the ratio of homes of this style to others significantly increased… much higher than ever before.

Higher Income Custom Homes

Houston is huge for oil, gas, energy, and healthcare, which means that there’s a lot of money being passed around.

Many refinery workers make large enough salaries to afford new homes and upscale neighborhoods.

This also means that people that hold higher positions in these companies are earning enough to build custom homes and add higher-value assets to them.

With the new money that floats around in the real estate industry since around 2013, many people are focusing on building estates, commissioning heavy custom doors, artwork, professional interior design, and modern technology integrated into the home.

This means that many of the new homes are implementing luxury interior design

Styles like eclectic, bohemian, industrial, and modern interiors.

The Culmination of Home Design

These are three major design styles and waves in Houston, but they are by no means the only ones.

This means that trends are constantly changing, depending on natural disasters, economy, and even social factors.

All these factors need to be considered when trying to figure out what are the current design styles and what’s going to be trending in the near future.

Some investors may have been able to predict that a huge influx of homes were going to start looking the same after the floods, which would’ve prompted them to try to use different materials to stand out (and purchase the other types of material to sell them at a mark-up!).

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