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Happy Black Friday

Today is Black Friday and it’s also Buy Nothing Day in the US.  It seems like a fitting day to write about getting rid of stuff.

Tis the season and we spent a lovely day yesterday as guests at our neighbor’s Thanksgiving party and two weeks ago we were hosts to an early family Thanksgiving party.  The early one was so that out of town visitors could join us.  We were hoping for visits from California, Utah and Oregon.  As it turned out, we got Oregon, which was great. Next year dear relatives?

It’s the early Thanksgiving that really inspired this post because I cleaned and cleaned and got rid of a lot of stuff we don’t use or want in anticipation of overnight guests and the big day.  I also painted two rooms, which was a bonus.

What does cleaning have to do with building a new house?

modern house plans : clean me

If you clean BIG like I did, you may find that your existing house is just fine, or you may discover that you need less house than you originally thought.  Cleaning has both a physical and emotional effect that can reset your perception of your humble abode.

I’m not here to talk anyone out of building a new house, but a lot of money, time and heart goes into building a house and it’s good to be sure that is the right path for you.  Cleaning is a simple test to make sure it is.


Get rid of the stuff you don’t want or need We have a wall of books, it’s now a wall with half of those books.  I was amazed, but we cleared our shelves of books that had been sitting in the same spot since we moved in.  We now have a lot more room on the shelves and other people can enjoy the books (and other stuff) we gave away.

Organize the stuff that remains.  Those same books got organized and found new shelves to live on that actually make some sense.  I think I could even find most of the books on our shelves!

Just clean.  This is more than the weekly dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing.  It’s getting to the neglected nooks and crannies in addition to all the weekly stuff.

I would like to say that we were so inspired by the Big Clean that we changed our plans and won’t be building our studio.  Rather, it confirmed that our home is very nice, but it is shy on bedroom space.  So,we still have plans to build a new 600 sf studio/guesthouse in our backyard (soon to make an appearance as a modern house plan).  It will be small, simple and VERY easy to clean.