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How To Do A Blower Door Test: Video

It’s a video kind of week.  This is a video about doing a blower door test.  I’m sharing it because it’s the first video I’ve seen that actually walks you through the test.  Basically, you get an idea of what is involved in a blower door test.  As you will see there isn’t much to it.

​The house in the video tested at 6.2 ACH50 (that means 6.2 air changes per hour at 50 pascals) which isn’t very good.  It is however, very typical. The 2012 International energy code will require homes to be 3-5 ACH50 depending on climate. This is a new requirement, and will have a lot of contractors scratching their heads because they’ve never encountered the idea of air tight construction, let alone a blower door test.

If you watched the Passive House video from a few days ago, you may know that a Passive House starts at .6 ACH50, yes point six.  Passive House is recognized for being aggressive on airtightness because it is part of the recipe for achieving deep energy efficiency.

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