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Comfortable, Durable House Plans For Building

 A Simpler Lifestyle.


Designed To Meet Current US Building And Energy Codes

E​nergy codes are changing fast!  Every three years the US codes are updated.  They are on track to realize deep energy savings by the year 2030.  Modern house plans are designed to beat the current energy code and exceed the upcoming code.  Designed for US Codes and Climate, they stack up favorably to most any energy standard, including Energy Star and LEED for homes.

Not All Climates Are The Same

There is no getting around the fact that one size does not fit all when it comes to house design and climate.  Modern House plans include climate specific design to make your new home both comfortable and energy efficient.​  How do we do it?  With climate specific insulation level suggestions, climate specific air sealing suggestions, climate specific window and door suggestions and climate specific shading suggestions.  All of these are what makes a home high performance, and they are also the thing that makes  a home last a long long time.   Did you know that if you build to the 2012 International building code and don’t exceed the energy standard, your home will probably be illegal in three years?  That’s because the energy codes are changing so fast.  Stay legal and build well. 

Buildable Designs.

Our Plans are buildable, no crazy details that make you and your builder scratch your heads, just straightforward design that anyone with some experience can build.​

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