Modern House Plans For The Next Chapter Of Your Life.

Energy-Efficient Plans For A Simpler Lifestyle.

What If Your Home Made As Much Energy As It Used 

And Being The Envy Of The Neighborhood Was Just The Side Effect?

(Mo)dern (Ho)use Plans = MoHoPlans

  • Smaller Footprints
  • Energy Saving
  • Comfortable + inviting
  • Sturdy

Smaller Footprints

Plans that are smaller by design.  Less maintenance, lower expenses, faster to build, faster to clean, and less room for accumulating stuff are a few of the advantages.  Smaller houses have been known to cause peace of mind and fewer long-term house guests.​

Designed To Meet Current US Building And Energy Codes

E​nergy codes are changing fast!  Every three years the US codes are updated.  They are on track to realize deep energy savings by the year 2030.  MoHo plans are designed to beat the current energy code and exceed the upcoming code.  Designed for US Codes and Climate, construction materials and techniques, they stack up favorably to most any energy standard, including Energy Star and LEED for homes.

Not All Climates Are The Same

There is no getting around the fact that one size does not fit all when it comes to house design and climate.  Modern House plans include climate specific insulation levels with each plan.​

Plans Sans Fluff.  

MoHo Plans include what you need and eliminate the fluff, making them more buildable and affordable.​


This is a 600 square foot studio. It has enough space for an office or bedroom, a full but small bath (because they can get expensive) , a small kitchen with the basics and even a laundry room and carport.  It might make a nice granny flat, a cabin or even a small starter home.  With a shed roof it's the ultimate in build-able. The simpler something is to build the less expensive it is to build.​

One Bedroom

This is an 1,100 square foot one bedroom house.  In addition to the bedroom suite there is a great room with living, dining and full kitchen.  There is ample storage in this house with a big outdoor gear closet big enough for a kayak.  This house is designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind.  It's design is simple in order to reduce maintenance and allow for more weekends hanging out on the porch or going for a good hike.

Three Bedroom

This is a 1,700 square foot three bedroom house plan.  It has covered porches all around, making outdoor living easy.  ​There's definitely a ranch-y feel to this one.  It was inspired by a lot of the traditional buildings you see in the West.   Simple, yet beautiful.  

This plan would be great for a family or even a couple looking to retire.  There are three bedrooms that could actually be used as bedrooms or possibly an office and guest bedroom.

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Laurie Clark, Architect Tucson, Arizona LEED AP BD+C, Certified Passive House ConsultantAbout Laurie Clark

I am an architect with 25 years of practice under my belt. I founded modern house plans (MoHo plans) to close the gap between modern design, energy efficiency and the reality that most of us can’t afford a home designed by an architect, but still like good design. Architects only design about 3% of new homes in the US. MoHo plans is all about making energy efficient house plans designed by an architect available for everyone.

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